Monthly Haiku Corner – March

As we look ahead towards a hopeful March, we long for love, laughter, and simpler times. In the day, mankind thrives, but mischievous creatures still rule the night. This month’s theme is Legendary Creatures.

mushroom ring appears
loving homes bring warm laughter
fairy villages

Haiku of the Week

Our theme this month is love and death.

a hint of red rose
love, a deadly poison
til death do us part

Happy Caturday – February

Okay, well our theme this February is love and death, but this wallpaper taken from is too cute to pass up for Caturday.

I cannot find artist information for this one. I absolutely believe in giving credit to these talented human beings, so if you know who created this wallpaper, please send me an email at or comment below with a link.

Welcome February!

Happy Imbolc! Happy Lunar New Year! We’ve entered the halfway point of the winter season. It’s the feast of St Brigid, a Gaelic tradition of Ireland’s matron saint, goddess of Spring, fertility, arts, poetry, and magic. Many blessings to all!

2022 is the year of the tiger. People born under this sign are thought to be brave and powerful. May the spirit of the mighty beast envigorate your soul.

Remember to protect those who need our help, people, animals, and the earth alike. Embrace love this February, not hate. That doesn’t mean you need to be attached, just be kind. Give hope.