Top-Rated Haiku Poems:

boiled stock and gourd
warm smile for the sad soul
pumpkin soup

drowning in snow
frozen pumpkins on the ground
warm pie

bells chime
cinnamon and evergreen
christmas day is near

sugar skulls
altar to honor loved ones
día de los muertos

trick or treat time
jack o’lanterns light the way
halloween night

crisp leaves, bonfires
smell of pumpkin in the air
autumn nights return

always by your side
every day is halloween
beauty of black cats

jack o’lantern dreams
autumn comes once a year
halloween forever

always halloween
in my mind it never stops
the beyond beckons

on the beach
coconuts jack o’lanterns
island halloween

crisp leaves, bonfires
smell of pumpkin in the air
autumn nights return

thunder crack
a rift between two worlds
monsters from beyond

crack in the tombstone
my lover taken too soon
open the grave

broom in the corner
witches under a full moon
night belongs to them

across the graveyard
a lover twirls his soulmate
eternally bound

unearthed in autumn
bright brown eyes made of plastic
abandoned doll


Most of my poems are senryu or zappai, which follows the traditional 17-syllable, 5-7-5 format but contain no seasonal reference. To learn more about Haiku, click here: https://halloween-haiku.com/about/

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5 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. By: Simone

    Crunch, crunch, crunch; I run
    I can hear her chasing me
    She chases her prey

    She runs very fast
    I don’t know how she does it-
    With those spider legs


  2. By: Simone,

    We’re carving pumpkins
    We put them out on the porch
    We all trick-or-treat

    When we come back home
    The pumpkins are flickering
    We forgot candles


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