Five Reasons Halloween Lovers Should Embrace Spring

Happy Spring!  Wiccans and pagans celebrate the vernal equinox in the Northern hemisphere,  the time when light and dark are balanced again. Now, I know that sunshine and flowers don’t exactly scream Halloween, nor appease goth lovers, but if nothing else, we are moving one step closer to Halloween, and that’s cause for celebration.


The Germanic goddess of spring and dawn returns. This girl knows how to party. She loves festivals, feasting, drinking, and sex!  Sex leads to babies and she is all about that. Ostara first showed up around the 8th century during festivals celebrating the vernal equinox. Details of actual worship are sketchy, but by the time the 19th century rolled around, she had become a permanent fixture in Germanic mythology. She represents fertility, healing, and rebirth, and is depicted as a radiant woman of childbearing years, wreathed or covered with blooming flowers, surrounded by rabbits, hares and other wildlife, and she brings absolute joy to those around her.  One cannot go wrong planting some seeds or painting some eggs in her honor.


Black Flowers

Black Magic Sunflowers. Black Dahlia. Black Pansies. Bat Orchids. Black Callas. Black Violas. Hellebores. Queen of the Night Tulips. Goths, do not fret the flowers! The truth is, the pigments in flowers don’t produce black flowers, a deep purple might be the closest, darkest color on the spectrum that nature allows. This is where the horticulturists come into play. It takes quite a bit of work and skill in breeding to get those dark, sexy and totally unique colors. Results vary due to climates and temperatures, but supposedly spring is the time to plant seeds to get that beautiful gothic garden, just in time for Halloween. 


Spooky Spring Travel

I’ve heard from multiple sources who say early April is one of the best times to travel. You beat the summer crowds and prices are cheaper. Your Halloween-loving heart may be screaming to take that trip to Salem or New Orleans during October, but your head and your wallet definitely prefer you take a trip off-season. The cool thing is many of these spooky destinations are no less spooky during the other times of the year. Witch museums and historical sites stay open year around, and, as long as there are dead people still buried in cemeteries and catacombs, the tours never stop.
ghost tours

Salem, MA

New Orleans, LA 

Savannah, GA

Sleepy Hollow, NY

Black Kittens/Baby Animals

Flowers aren’t the only things in nature getting busy. Spring marks the beginning of kitten season. All baby animals, for that matter. If you have ever wanted a familiar, now is the time to add to the family, emphasis on family. They’re not just pets. They’re your soulmates. Treat them with respect and love. There’s no rule that familiars must be black cats either, they can be any cat, any color, or any animal. Just cherish them and they will bring you magic. It is true that shelters and rescues get overwhelmed this time of year, so if you are seriously looking for a cat/kitten, please start there.



Get ready to buy those pumpkin seeds and start clearing a space in the garden, pumpkins need to be planted 2-4 weeks before the last spring frost.  There are plenty of tutorials around the web on how to grow the perfect gourd, so try to find one that caters to your locale and climate. We can’t very well have Halloween without pumpkins!


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