Happy 4th Anniversary HHH!

Today marks the halfway point to Halloween and it’s also the observed 4th Anniversary of Halloween Horror Haiku!

Halloween Horror Haiku 4th Anniversary

A busy work schedule eats into a lot of my time and focus this year. As a result, I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like, but my little blog is still kicking and I hope to continue to grow. I’ve added horror movies into our celebrations and still committed to being a nice chill place for people who enjoy Halloween, horror, and haiku.

Happy 4th Anniversary HHH

4th Anniversary Contest

Anyone who publicly posts the happy anniversary to Halloween Horror Haiku image above, or an image of their own design, here or on social media, anytime this weekend, will be entered into a free drawing to win a Halloween Horror prize pack.
Halloween Prize Pack:

The Conjuring Blu-Ray DVD (1 sealed copy)
Halloween Dish Towels from Target’s Hyde & EEK! Boutique (1 set)
DEI Candy Corn Socks (1 pair)
Trick ‘r Treat Pumpkin Ornament (1)
Evil Dead Sticker (1)
Camp Horror enamel pin (1)
Misc. spooky stickers

Halloween Horror Haiku 4th Anniversary Prize Pack

I’ll pick a random winner from the drawing pool on Sunday evening and announce the winner by 9:00pm PT on Monday, May 2nd. Don’t forget to tag me on social media so I see your posts.

Again, I want to thank my supporters, readers, and anyone who stops by this blog. I appreciate your time and energy. Here’s to another great year of Halloween Horror Haiku.🎃

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