Tuesday Terror – Best Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Movies/TV

Survival horror more often than not features one of the scariest creatures man ever devised, the zombie, aka the living dead, the walking dead, the reanimated, flesh-eating ghouls, whatever you wanna call them. And, talk about insult to injury, starving to death wasn’t torturous enough, we still gotta keep up our cardio in a world with no Twinkies or Cheetos.

Well, thanks to Hollywood, there’s no shortage of post-apocalytic “docu-horror” to show us how to navigate a wasteland full of mindless predators, voracious zombies, and the earth’s harshest conditions.

This was a tough list to make, so I had two perimeters: 1) survival skills and/or great advice on how to survive; and 2) those movies that showed complete breakdown in society.

Zombie films have always been more about surviving other people than the undead. I think that’s why zombies became so mainstream, our world became more bleak and hostile and threat of apocalypse has never been more prominent. It’s probably worth revisting some of these movies for some pointers.

Zombies or not, I certaintly hope it never comes to this, because I love Halloween stuff too much to lose it!

Happy Halloween!

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