Winter Gothic

I didn’t intend to wait this long to make monthly blog post, but January got away from me.

On this last day of January, we say goodbye to the winter gothic, that icy mystique that stirs primal feelings and reinforces our need for safety from the harsh cold. Some people admire the artistry and creation of black iron into elaborate designs that we see in architectural monuments of history’s darkest years, while others feel constricted. The absence of warmth demand civility and comforts. Iron makes cages and prisons, and above all, we crave freedom. It’s not enough to be free, we need to feel free.

2022 has already tried our patience with the deaths of beloved celebrities. Covid still rages around the world. Global supply chain issues and economic uncertainty weigh heavy on our minds, while narcissistic megalomaniacs rattle their swords like ancient greedy kings. It’s important to remember chaos and order are the respective sides of one coin. To appreciate either means not underestimate the role both play in our survival. There must be balance. There’s light. There’s dark. There’s lots of gray. Winter gothic is the call to find beauty and freedom among the iron and stone during nature’s most gorgeous, unpredictable season.

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