Halloween Green

As we celebrate World Environment Day, here’s ten things that will help save the environment this Halloween.happiest pumpkin

Not just a Jack-o’-lantern 

Don’t let your pumpkin guts go to waste. Save the seeds and bake them for an awesome snack. Use the flesh to make puree or pumpkin juice, or even eat it raw. Check for recipes online. You can also freeze pumpkin and use it later to make sides, pies and other holiday desserts.

Healthy Treats

Skip the bad candy and hand out healthy treats instead like granola bars, mandarin oranges or dark chocolate

clementine pumpkins.jpg

Eco-Friendly Face Paint

Avoid harsh/toxic chemicals and poisonous metals, which can cause skin irritations and health problems, by using eco-friendly face paint or skip the paint altogether.

skull makeup

Go Glitterfree

Glitter is plastic. Plastic is bad the environment because it’s so hard to break down. When glitter washes away down into our drains, it ends up in the oceans and accumulates as microplastic, which is then consumed by sea life, fish, plankton, shellfish, birds, etc. Not only is it killing our oceans, if we get our fish to eat from the ocean, we’re essentially just eating plastic glitter. Gross.

Use Less Plastic

Using less plastic in favor of more natural materials can help minimize the damage we’re inflicting on the environment. Yes, plastic pumpkins are adorable but why not use old pillowcase ore reusable bag to go trick-or-treating instead? If you do use plastic decorations, keep them. They’re probably gonna be around forever anyway. Changing small habits and making a conscious effort really does go a long way.


Reduce Party Waste

Avoid using disposable and plastic plates, cups, cutlery for your Halloween bash. Use real dishes or biodegradable or paper picnic ware. One cup per person rule, write their name on the cup with a marker. Don’t throw out food. Send food home with guests. Compost anything leftover. Check out The Sustainable for shopping ideas.

Turn Off the Lights

It’s Halloween! We’re supposed to be dark and spooky. Use your jack-o’-lanterns and candles to invoke the mood. Remember to use good candle safety.

candles with pumpkinface

DIY Halloween Decorations

Here’s just a few suggestions on great Halloween decorations you can make with recycled products:

  • Use old sheets for ghosts
  • Use old clothes and clothes hangers or chicken wire to make dummies
  • Use bandage wrap or toilet paper to create mummies
  • Turn cardboard boxes into tombstones
  • Turn old runny stockings into spider webs
  • Create luminaries out of soda bottles
  • Turn old pill bottles into witches’ bottles
  • Re-purpose old toys into a sinister zombie army


Buy antique, used or recycled Halloween Decorations

Hit the thrift stores, yard sales or flea markets for old Halloween decorations. Old worn-out decorations add an extra creepy vibe for Halloween. Plus, you can often spruce up old decorations with a new coat of paint and materials found in craft stores. But first, check online to see if your antique has any value.

halloween 70s
©The Retroist

Recycle your Costume/Costume Swap

Don’t throw out any costume that doesn’t fit you or the kids. Recycle, and reduce costs and waste. Break your costume down to make a new costume. Find or hold a neighborhood costume swap. You can also donate old costumes in good condition to awesome organizations such as Ween Dream, which gives free costumes to kids in need during the Halloween season. It’s a really worthy cause to make children happy and create positive Halloween memories.

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