9 Ideas to help you get over Halloween

It’s November 15th and you’re missing Halloween something awful. It went by so fast. You didn’t see or do half as much as you wanted and to top it off, Christmas creep invaded way earlier than expected.  Like it or not, once that calendar flips to November 1st, it’s as if someone pulls the brakes and brings the barreling steam-engine Halloween locomotive to a violent halt. I commiserate with you, my fellow Halloweenophiles. I feel your pain.  That’s why I came up with a couple of ideas that might help us ease our suffering.

  1. Encroach on November

Look at everyone putting their Christmas stuff up one month early. Well, then, no reason why we can’t take our decorations down one month late! Go ahead and leave your yard haunt in place for another month, and if anyone asks you, why?????  Just point to the nearest house covered with plastic santas and fake snow. Nuff said.

  1. Shop til you drop, or your credit card gets rejected

Even if the stores are devoid of Halloween items, they still are selling Halloween décor and items online, 50% off or more! The month after Halloween is greatest time to buy the decorations you couldn’t afford during October or stock up for next year’s monster bash.


  1. Inventory and pack your decorations in decorative boxes and bins

It’s not work, if you love it! And, we love our Halloween decorations, but, if you’re anything like me, every Halloween season, you lose that one special Halloween item because it’s sitting in one of dozen unmarked boxes in the garage. It’s only after Halloween, when you’re packing away all your stuff, that you open a box, and boom, there it is! Like little goblins hid it in plain sight with magic. Don’t get tricked on next year, kids. If you can afford to get fancy with labels and new bins, you should definitely do so. That’s fun. Otherwise, a plain black marker, tape, blank paper or just write on the outside of the box, works just fine. Mark every item down, including the tiniest little lollipop ghost or paper mache pumpkins. You will save yourself so much time and energy next year, and you get to hang out with your Halloween decorations a little longer. Win-win.


  1. Start planning next year’s Halloween festivities

It is never too early to plan for next Halloween, and better to do it while the ideas are fresh in your mind. So, write them down, sketch them out, and make lists of your plans now. Start shopping or saving up for the stuff you’re gonna buy next season. Then, when it comes time to do the actual physical work, you’ll be totally prepared.

  1. Learn a new hobby or how-to-make DIY crafts

Winter classes are starting now, if they haven’t already. How many amazing Halloween crafts, recipes or projects did you see last month that you wish you had the chops to pull off? So, make the time to take learn a new hobby, like sewing, knitting, cooking, making wreaths, painting ceramics, crafting dioramas, etc., practice for next ten months and then, you’ll be a DIY expert by the time next Halloween season rolls around.

wreath class

  1. Create a Halloween story, poem, song, drawing, painting, craft, costume, etc.

Armed with your fresh ideas, new thoughts and old memories of Halloween, telling stories is a great way to keep Halloween alive. Halloween never ends while you’re engaged in the creative process, plus, you’ll have something awesome to share with everyone by next season.

hallo writing desk2

  1. Happy Christmas!

You’ve heard the old saying, outta sight, outta mind? Well, celebrating Christmas means your mind will be too busy to think about mourning the end of the Halloween season. Everything has a place and time. Move on and have fun celebrating the other holidays and the Halloween season will be upon us before you know it.


  1. Finish your Halloween bucket lists and photo challenges

Did you check off everything on your list? It’s almost guaranteed that there’s something listed that you can do any time of the year. Btw, an unspoken list item on the photo challenge, is to make a physical or digital photo album to share with your friends, family and complete strangers on Instagram. Completing a bucket list or photo challenge is a very satisfying and therapeutic conclusion to the Halloween season.

  1. Decorate a Halloween Christmas Tree

Flipping a traditional Christmas tree into a Halloween tree is like blending the best of both worlds. There’s an opportunity to create something stylish and unique, which speaks to both Halloween and Christmas fans alike. I believe Christmas and Halloween go together like peanut butter and jelly. Tim Burton showed us with uber popular Nightmare Before Christmas, we can merge the two seamlessly without losing the spirit of either holiday. If anything, it makes us appreciate both a little bit more.


Halloween always lives in our hearts, so our minds can access it anytime it needs to. There’s no reason to get over Halloween, if Halloween never ends. Do something, anything, even one tiny little thing that’s Halloween-ish, every day and you’ll always be celebrating Halloween.





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